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The Headlines: What the Heck We’ve Been Up To

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Since I gave up on iWeb for blogging, I really let the BoboBytes empire suffer. Part of that might also have to do with the fact that the past 6 weeks have been among the busiest and most productive of my entire life.

Here’s the scoop on the rock(s) we have been hiding under:

  1. I started my own business: What??!! How can that be just a bullet point! I know. I write that like it might as well say “we bought a new chair”, but it’s only because the whole experience has been so sensational (and exhausting) that I don’t even really have the energy to sensationalize it for you. I officially incorporated Swift Creative Inc. at the end of May and have been busting my butt ever since. It’s killer.
  2. Sal had another ear surgery! That’s right, that evil wench of a surgeon cut my baby up again. Ok, ok, she’s not evil. In fact, she’s a total rockstar. The surgery to rebuild Sal’s eardrum after the great Cholesteatoma tumor infestation of 2006 was a huge success. Sal’s little sound-bucket is now 100% tumor free and his hearing is growing better by the day. Surgery this time around was only 3 hours long but required a 3 week recovery period in San Jose. We stay with Sal’s parents when we are down there and, let me tell you, three weeks equals a lot of pizza and pasta. 🙂
  3. I started selling pictures: (Ha! maybe the headline here should really be, “People actually started buying my pictures.”) Yep. I finally tipped my out-of-control photography habit over the edge and started bringing in some cash. While my true love is sports photography, I have booked 4 wedding gigs for the summer just to get my feet wet and see if I really enjoy making bride-tastic memories for the matrimonial set. I’m the second-shooter/assistant for my friend Jackie, who runs the business, lassos the gigs, takes on all the major responsibility, let’s me tag along, and then graciously gives me a cut. She’s a brilliant photographer and consumate professional. Holler if you know someone who’s gettin’ hitched!
  4. Sal won the Oregon State Team Time Trial Championship: On the real! Homeboy brought home a gold medal with the help of three other super fast buddies from his cycling team, Portland Velo. It was a banner day and you can bet yer biffy that mama was proud.
  5. We signed the lease on a work studio: It’s big (924 sq ft), it’s bright, it’s quirky, and it’s old… and it reminds us of our loft in San Francisco – and it’s now the official home to Swift Creative Inc. We’ll be moving into this a very cool studio space (Sal still works for NetApp but will be “renting” desk space from me, ha!) in about two weeks… it’s got high ceilings, hard wood floors, and it’s located in an old historic warehouse near the Burnside Bridge. Come visit us and we’ll give you a ride in the freight elevator with the bright red corrugated aluminum doors.

Them’s the big ones for now. Summer is in full swing and we are appropriately swamped with all variety of fun activities: family reunions, roadtrips, softball tournaments (hey, check out the latest tourney report on my sports blog ), cycling races, rockstar gardening (go, basil, go!), and unchecked outdoor grilling.

Keep in touch. We think you’re the bees knees.

Love Heidi, Sally, Biddy and Uci


Written by Heidi Swift

June 28, 2007 at 3:15 pm

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  1. Hey Heidi & Sal!
    I will be visiting your beautiful city ever-so briefly. You see, I am writing on this so-called COMputer with a scowl and if I didn’t think that a message from Nate would make all the difference in the world for Sal’s continued recovery I wouldn’t be writing, at least right now.

    Humor me and listen to me bitch for a second. Ol’ Nate, who accepts technology with a vacant stare and only when I see 7-year-olds using it first, finally made the leap to get a laptop. This way I thought I could comment on BoBoBytes, six, maybe seven times a day. Or so I thought! I was rolling back through your beautiful town coming back from Cannon Beach, and thought ‘Hey, if I buy the laptop in Portland, I’ll save on the sales tax.’ Seems fiscally smart, right? Oh, no. Ol’ Nate decides that he’ll buy at COMP USA (which I understand is currently owned by a mexican company and should be renamed) thinking ‘if I have problems with it I’ll just take it to the one at Southcenter up near Renton’. Sounds like a good plan, right?

    Well, as you can predict, the laptop doesn’t work from the get-go. COMP Mexico is no longer in business in the Puget Sound area. The closest store, besides Tijuana, is Portland (the Tijuana of the US-just kidding, its beautiful, really.) So Ol’ Nate has to gather up his Celine Dion and House of Pain casette tapes and hit the road.

    It’ll be good to be in Portland, I just will be paying my sales tax from now on.

    Glad to hear you guys are good!


    June 29, 2007 at 6:27 am

  2. I started a blog called GhettoYuppie. Its about how Renton is becoming cool.
    check it out at


    June 29, 2007 at 6:40 am

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